15 February 2012

Pot Star: Charlie Laine - Smoking Marijuana

Charlie Laine is a gorgeous Penthouse Pet, model, and internet video host.

But best of all, she's a big time stoner!

She started smoking back when she was a teenager and never stopped. "I laughed for a million hours," she said.

Ever the pothead, in one interview she talked about how she "cooters" weed so she can take it with her on planes:

Alfie: You usually bring pot on planes?  
Charlie Laine: Oh yeah. You just cooter it. You wrap it in plastic wrap, then a plastic baggy. You put two condoms on it then shove it up your nana, and you’re good to go---fresh as pie. During my entire Penthouse Club tour when I was the pet of the month, I cootered weed.

That's someone who loves her weed!

Check out the videos below. In one she visits a grow facility and enjoys a fresh joint. In another, she visits a medical marijuana dispensary and shares a smoke with a friend.

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