03 July 2010

Girls Getting Wasted Interviews Tiffany (Part I)

When it comes to illustrated stories about beautiful, buxom girls happily under the influence, the person who often leaps to mind is Captain Dunsel. By far the most prolific and popular online intoxication fetish artist out there, the Cap'n, as he's affectionally called, specializes in creating artwork, movies, and, with the advent of "Three Drinks", interactive games with you at the center of the action, helping three women get themselves thoroughly wasted. 
I recently had the good fortune of sitting down and interviewing Dunsel, ahem...Tiffany about the making the "Three Drinks". If you're a fan of Dunsel, as I am, this is a rare, behind-the-scenes insight into the mind of Dunsel, er...I mean, Tiffany. 

The interview ran a bit long so I'll be breaking it up as a series of three blog posts. Be sure to tune in over the course of the next few days. 

More interview with Tiffany coming up tomorrow, so check back then!

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