08 June 2010

Still Happily Awaiting Dunsel's Three Drinks Redux

By far the most anticipated story/game/intoxication fetish event has to be Dunsel's upcoming Three Drinks.

There are three things in particular that are adding to the anticipation:

1. Dunsel's been working on Three Drinks for well over a year, and

2. Because the story is interactive it's got 100 different endings!

3. A few months back, Dunsel reached out to the community to help him come up with ideas for the endings so he could finish the project.

All three have the community buzzin' (if you excuse the pun).

And the best thing is, Dunsel says it's coming soon! Maybe within this month!

The mind reels as to what the story could be that will match up with these instant classic images of Dunsel's!

The cool thing was when Dunsel asked the community to help him come up with endings to the sprawling choose-your-adventure game, the members of Dunsel's Toons and Party Island 420 answered the call. Ideas and suggestions were sent to Dunsel who considered each and every one in context of the story, style, and tone he created and whether it was feasible to add and pull off.

Thanks, all, for the many helpful replies.  All have been inspiring and will help me complete this monster before we're all dead of old age.

I genuinely appreciate your help!


It can't be all that much longer now before he realizes what could very well be his masterpiece. The sheer size and scope of what he's done is epic!

And I'm sure it's going to live up to the wait.

(And no rush if you're reading this Captain if you don't make it by June - we know all good things take time!)

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