22 February 2017

Doing Our Barista

My wife and I worked her for months. She was the cute barista at the local university coffee shop. Once she and I spotted her large behind there behind the counter, brewing coffee, we both knew we had to have her.

We started with small talk. Then as the weeks went on, we each got to know her better. Slowly but surely we worked her. Getting her interests. Leaving her tips. Sharing stories. Her parents were divorced. She was a nursing student.

Then, when we finally floated she come out with us one evening, you know, that was totally unrehearsed, she said yes. Come to our house first.

Do you want a drink? Yes, she said. Then, do you want another? Uh-huh. Then, do you want a shot with us? Yes, of course! And then, when she was good and drunk, we went for the kicker. Smoke? Uh, sure. I guess. Why not? And the smoking began.

Bong hit. Bong hit. Bong hit.

Dude. Yeah, do you mind if we get more comfortable? No? Cool. Why not join us?

Bong hit.

And now there I stood over our stoner barista, a pleasurable, but dumb look upon her face. Smoke still pouring from our cute barista's nose. And underneath, eating her out, was my wife.

18 February 2017

Superkush Brand Marijuana #3

Superkush brand indica marijuana joins the ranks of Float, Lassitude, Ms. Mary Jane, and Hi-Q brands of marijuana. Smoke Superkush and you'll be couchlocked!

15 February 2017

Stoned and Drunk In the Car

"Mmmmmm....," was all she could say.

"You're feeling pretty good now aren't you?" he asked.

"Mmmm-hmmmmm," she said.

"Told'ja you'd love mixing pot and alcohol!"

She smiled a dumb smile as she took another swig of beer.

"It makes your brain all bzzzzz and your body all whoa-waaahh," he tried to explain.

They were parked and ready for their usual make-out session, except this time, she wanted to get "mo'r cumf'table" and had stripped off her shirt, exposing her huge boobage in her purple bra.

"We need to take a pic so we don't forget," he said as he stumbled for his phone.

"Mmm-hmmm," she affirmed. "B'wait...," she mangaed to say as she slipped her bra off her right breast, letting it fall free for her boyfriend. "Ahhhhhh, muss b'et'ter."

"Wow," he said as snapped a few photos. And then, as he grabbed the bong, "This calls for another hit."

"Mmmm-hmmmm," his girlfriend said happily. "Mmmm-hmmm!" 

11 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from the wasted girls of GGW! Enjoy those candy and chocolate edibles!

08 February 2017

That Was Better

That was better.

Much, much better.

She was so glad she had that idea. To just get naked. At home. And smoke a bowl. To just....unwind.

It was hitting her now. That rush. Intoxication.

It wouldn't be long now. Unnder the bed. Her long, hard friend.