25 March 2017

Steady As She Goes

One and a half bottles of wine down, two shots, and half a joint, Brenda finally stood up after fingering herself to orgasm.  It had been mind-blowingly amazing, but there was more to experience.

This was the feeling she loved: immediately, she felt the spin accelerate and merge with the afterglow. The relaxed dizziness she so enjoyed amplified and overwhelmed her. It sent her sense of balance reeling. Quickly, she used her heavy arms to steady herself, jiggling everything in the process.

"Whooooaaaa," she heard herself say. This was niiiiicceeee.

Food. Fridge. 

That's right. That's what she wanted now. Time to indulge in some of that pie and cake she was saving. If only she could get to the kitchen.

Slowly she walked, stumbling across the living room. All that booze was fighting her now. In a good way. Throwing her off kilter. Teasing her.

"Weeeeeeee," she giggled as she made collapsed into the kitchen doorway wall, hugging it. Her large breasts mashing up to her neck. Time to innnnddduuuuuuuuuulllllge.

22 March 2017

New Comic: Chapter 2 of GGW-TV's The Cannabis Coach

Last year I posted the first part of a comic called The Cannabis Coach. Starting next Wednesday, the series will continue!

Remember that the idea here is what if there was a GGW TV station? What shows would it air? Weed game shows. Weed sitcoms. Cheech and Chong marathons. Cannabis news. And more.

But at least one of the shows would be an hour-long show that coaches you through smoking up and getting high. And, if there was such a coaching show (and network like GGW), naturally it would have a beautiful GGW stoner babe to help guide and talk you through it.

So tune in next week for part two of this TV show. You may even want to play along at home!

18 March 2017

Pleasure Juice

"Oh wooooowwwwwwwww," Laura slurred as the effects hit her. A warm, fuzzy, bubbly wave of pure euphoria washed over her. Her pupils dilated. Her thoughts slowed.

It was exactly as advertised, she thought.

She looked back at the bottle. She had only had one gulp. There was so much more! "Oh wooooooowwwwww," she slurred again, excited about the thought of so much left to drink. Her mouth was getting numb. Her clit tingled.

She gleefully took another gulp. Bigger this time.

I like this stuff, she thought.

Little did she know that with each gulp, she was sinking deeper and deeper into happy addiction. 

15 March 2017

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Happy St. Paddy's Day form the drunk and stoned girls of GGW!

08 March 2017

Catch Up To Me

"Mmmm cat'ch up to meeeee.....," she slurred, drunk and stoned off her ass. "scm'oke mor'ree..."

I flicked the lighter and did what I was told.

"Git hiiiigh for me," she continued to say. "I wann'cha soooooo dr'unk an' hiiiighhhhhh when we m'ake luvvvvvvvv..."

"You g'ot it, b'abe," I said as I exhaled. 

"G'oooood," she slurred as she looked up at me while fondling and lifting her big breasts. "N'ow c'um h'ere...."