29 April 2017

Afteroon Session

Cough. Cough. "Wha I w'as sh'ayin'," she slurred slowly. "Was we...we...um...,"

Her girlfriend sat there stoned, low in her chair. She seemed to be hanging on every word. But she wasn't. She was just as tipsy. Just as stoned.

"um...we...," she continued until she noticed the pipe still in her hand. "Um," was the last thing she said before flicking the lighter and taking another. She closed her eyes as she felt the smoke slowly enter her lungs. "Yeeeeaahhh," she heard her brain say in joy.

When she opened her eyes, her girlfriend sat even lower in the chair. Again, seemingly transfixed on watching her smoke more pot. How did she stumble on such a catch? How many weeks had they spent blissed out and enjoying each other's bodies? How long had she been holding the smoke in?

And with that she exhaled, bathing her girlfriend in more intoxicating smoke.

Cough. Cough. 

"Gim'me sum," she heard her say.

Yeeeeahhhhh, her brain cooed as the latest hit melted even more of her brain. Her body felt heavier and heavier as she slowly passed the pipe over to her.

"Wha w'as I sh'ayin'," she asked outloud.

"Dunno," she said as she took the pipe and lighter and flicked it.

"Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh," she said as she found herself sinking lower and lower into the chair. She watched in amazement of her girlfriend taking a huge hit. How did she stumble on such a catch? How many weeks had they spent blissed out and enjoying each other's bodies? How long had she been holding the smoke in?

26 April 2017

Part 4 of The GGW-TV's The Cannabis Coach (Chapter 2)

Here's the first part of the continuing series about GGW-TV's The Cannabis Coach.

Continued next Wednesday!

22 April 2017

Freshman Year

Every August it was the same. Throw a big kegger and a brand new class of freshman women would come. They were attracted to beer and cigarettes like moths to a light. And they always tried to act older and more sophisticated than they actually were. Something all the booze they consumed quickly exposed.

19 April 2017

Happy 420!

We interrupt this comic to bring you an interlude from one of our favorite GGW girls. She's got something important to do on this Cannabis Holiday:

Tune in next week for the continuation of GGW-TV!

15 April 2017

Checking on the Neighbor

To my astonishment when the door opened, it was a girl who was completely topless! My jaw hit the floor.

"Heeeeeey," she slurred giving me a wry smile as she held a near empty wine bottle in her hand.

I almost forgot why I was there. My eyes were transfixed on her huge boobs. I stammered. I choked.

"Wha'sssssss up?" she said, now a bit puzzled.

Finally I got my voice back. "I...I'm sorry," I stuttered. "I just heard a crash and was just...uh...was just...making sure whoever was in here was okay."

She leaned up against the doorway. "Awwwwww," she said. "H'ow sch'weeeeeet."

It took all my strength and will power to keep my eyes where they belonged. "Um...so...are you uh, you know, okay?"

"Ohhhh yeeeeaaaahh," she said with a big smile, her eyes half-mast and red. "I jusss tr'ippped on th'e r'ug."

My eyes betrayed me as they darted down to her chest. Her breasts were huge! And perfect. Just perfect.

"Th'ankssss for c'ummin' in an' check'in on meeee," she continued as she took a belt from the wine bottle only to realize it was empty. "Awwwwww," she grimaced as she looked back at the bottle. "It's a'll g'oneeeee. Phoo'ey!" And then she looked back at me. "Heeeeey, y'don't hav' mor' b'ooze d'ya?"

"Uh, booze? Me?" I stammered as I quickly forced my eyes back up at her face. "Uh, no."

"Awwwww," she frowned.

Sensing my chance. "Uh, wait. I mean, I don't have any now, but could run out and get some, if you'd like."

She beamed in a drugged out way. "Yeeah!" she giggled. "Tha' w'ood be n'ice!"

I smiled.

"W'hy d'ont y'go git sum m'ore w'ine an' I'll w'ait h'ere an' sch'moke sum m'ore? Is'zhat al'right?"

Smoke? She was high too? The pieces were coming together. The red eyes. The dumb smile. The eyes at half-mast.

"Sure," I said. "I'll uh...go get some now. Don't go anywhere!" I said as I quickly darted down the hall.

Wait. I stopped. Turning around I asked, "Hey, what's your name?"

She leaned out the door, her massive right breast peaking around the corner as well. "C'arrie," she said.

"I'm Jonas," I said. "And I'll be right back with your wine."

"Th'aaaank'sch. I'll beee wait'in' for you."

And I ran off down the hall to the liquor store.