01 July 2015

Who's Next? Who Should Be The Next Potslave?

I just wrapped up the second installment of the Potslave/Potdaddy series and now am turning to the Intoxication Fetish community - all you - for who should be next!

As you know the Potslave/Potdaddy series explores themes from dominant-submissive/bimboization. Something that is somewhat related to the Intoxication Fetish. Now that series 2 is complete, I'm asking all you: who should be next on Potdaddy's list?

Do you have a popular model that you'd like me to use for series 3? If so which one?

Keep in mind there has to be about a dozen or so photos out there of the model for it to work. More of course is better as it allows for more situations.

Anything goes. Just comment below or email me stanmaps at that gmail.com thing the name of a model that you'd like to see give Potdaddy a run for his money!

27 June 2015

Wild Brandi Smokes Herselves Up - An Intoxication Fetish Video

This is an Intoxication Fetish video if ever there was one!

Created by Party All Star, this video stars porn star Wild Brandi and a ton of other little Brandi Olsens! You have to see it to believe it.

Party All Star describes it as "An increasingly weird video I made for Brandi Olsen about getting high with herselves" but it's way more than that.

The video and story is IF all the way in that it's a beautiful girl blissing out after getting herself so high she starts hallucinating and seeing many tiny Brandi Olsens. All the little Brandi Olsens encourage her to "get them high" and she does. Until she's vegging out on the bed totally happy, high, and "getting massaged" by herselves.

A metaphor for IF if ever there was one!

Watch it below. And if you like it be sure to comment and compliment the creator!

Wild Brandi Smokes Herselves Up from Party All Star on Vimeo.

24 June 2015

Potslave & Potdaddy 2 - Part VIII

And now the final installment of Potslave & Potdaddy 2.
To be continued????

20 June 2015

"Thx for all the weed!"


"Hiiiiiiii babe!" went the text on my phone.

"If you have to take that, go ahead, we'll get the meeting started in a minute or two."

"No, it's just my wife, she's just texting about...," I said when all of a sudden my phone went...


There I was in the conference room staring at a photo of my naked wife. She sent a mirrored selfie of her crawling on our bed with a stoned smile across her face. Her fat boobs hung from her chest in the most provocative way. Seeing her like this had my cock instantly hardening.

"Texting about...? What?" Bill said from across the table. "She okay?" he asked in a concerned way, looking over his reading glasses.

"Uh, um...," I managed to sputter out.


"Thx for the all the weed!!!" went the text on my screen.


"Best day EVAR!" went the next text.

"She okay?" Bill asked again.

I looked up at Bill and found my footing. "Yes. Yes. She's fine. More than fine. She's good."

"Good to hear," Bill smiled. "Now, let's get this meeting started."

"Sure," I said putting the phone back in my pocket. 

17 June 2015

Potslave & Potdaddy 2 - Part VII

She's quite the "little" PotSlave now!