16 December 2017

Perfect Pair

She was a feedee and he was a feeder. Together, they were a perfect married pair.

She loved the feeling of completely giving in to it all. Sugar rush. Food coma. Being blotto.

Yes, blotto. That was her favorite feeling. Having him constantly keep her blitzed each weekend. And he had no problem feeding her the booze she so loved. Beer of course. Through a straw, because that makes for a drunkier feeling. Everyone knows that. So, so many calories. So tasty. And feeling this drunk always made her hungrier.

09 December 2017

Hard Drive Spin XXXX

It's time for another hard drive spin! This time the dials are set to "butts" and "weed". Here's what popped up!

06 December 2017

Now She Felt Like A Slut

Okay. Now she felt like a slut.

With these two boys.
But gosh, were they soooooo cute. 

There she was, getting caterered to her every need by these two. They sooooo wanted her. She was the star. They loved her.

Yes, that's it. They loved her.

She knew it was true. She could feel it.

And why else would they keep giving her all that smoke? Everywhere she turned, one of them was there to feed it to her.

Her dad would kill her if he knew.

But daddy, it makes me so happy and giggly and forgetful.

And it feels so slutty!

Am I a slut now, daddy?

Yeah, down there. Yes, lift the skirt.

Sure, more smoke.

Oh wow, she never knew there could be such pleasure.

It was because they loved her so much. All that smoke and attention. It was penetrating her everywhere. Lifting her up, up, up and away.

Okay. Now she felt like a slut.

02 December 2017

Bottoms Up!

29 November 2017

It Looks Like Fun

"Ther' ya go," he said with a smile, setting the bong back precariously near Angela. He stared at her redheaded friend. "It's n'ow yer tur'n, babe."

"Angie, NO!" she screamed when she finally saw what she was doing. And then she laughed out loud. The type of embarrassed for someone else type laugh. She put her hand over her mouth in shame.

"I told'ja if you smoke awhole bowl, you'd be did'dling hers'elf. Th'is sh'it is the b'omb. I mean, DAMN. Loo'kat her go," he said as stared at Angela rubbing her pussy.

"Stop!" she said again with a slight laugh. "Sit back down and leave Angie alone," she scolded.

"Yes ma'am," he said as he winked at her and slowly made his way to the chair at the end of the bed.

By this point, the redhead had returned to laying on the bed, seemingly content with her masturbating friend.

"Yeah, yer r'ight," he said. "She look's lik'e she's havin' fun!"

The redhead turned her face to him, "I didn't say that!"

"No, but y'were think'ing it," he laughed. Then slowly, "Go on, tr'y sum."

She looked at him with a furrowed brow.

"Go on. Prom'ise you'll l'ike it. Lik'e yer lit'tle frie'nd here," he smiled.

She slowly made her hand over to the bong, precariously sitting near her blissed out friend, rubbing and moaning away. "All this?" she pointed to the weed in the bowl.

"Yep," he said grinning. "Sm'oke all 't'hat an' you'll be pad'dlin' t'he pink can'oe, too."

She looked at the him. She looked at Angie getting off. And then she looked back at him. "It looks like fun."

"It is," he echoed.

"Got a light?"