25 November 2015

Comic: Trick or Treat (Part IV)

And now the conclusion to Trick of Treat...

The End. Or is it?

21 November 2015

Happy to see me?

"Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyy" she slurred as she stared up at me with bloodshot eyes, stoned out of her mind. "Ar'ya hap'py to sh'ee me, oraya jussss hap'py to see all thi's we'ed?"

18 November 2015

Comic: Trick or Treat (Part III)

And now for the continuing Halloween story...

Tune in next Wednesday for the exciting conclusion!

14 November 2015

Big Buxom Blonde Smokes Hookah full of Weed

GGW Forum member SPDY quite possibly found one of the best weed-related videos out there! He stumbled on a beautiful, buxom blonde with huge nipples smoking a hookah in bed looking more and more relaxed.

The question is: is she smoking weed or not?

Check out the video here and weigh in on the debate below!

Whether she's smoking weed or not, the video is hot and worth watching. And, it's inspired one of the great IF writers to well, write! Intox created a photo story over at the GGW Forum called "Hookah Holiday" that definitely has the buxom blonde smoking weed. Lots of it!

Let's hope there's more of this model in the future!

11 November 2015

Comic: Trick or Treat (Part II)

The Halloween comic continues...

To be continued next Wednesday!