07 December 2016

Another Nug

"Oh, nowwww.....," Amy slurred. "No'w d'cha run a'way from me.....little bongie....! Loookie wha' I got....noth'er nug....!"

Amy was already stoned, but her body wanted more and so she had stumbled back to her stash for another bud to smoke. It smelled so nice. So green. So lemony.

She leaned down over the bong with a big stoney smile as she playfully dangled it. "N'owwww d'nt be sh'y. C'mon 'ere lit'tle bong. Time ta git me high'er!"

03 December 2016

Stoner Gif Theater

Was about to hit the button on the hard drive spin machine and instead bumped my hand and discovered a whole different lever to pull. Welcome to Stoner Gif Theater! Here's some wonderful GGW girls inhaling, smoking, blowing clouds, and otherwise being all buzzy and high. Enjoy!

And when you're all done smoking and feeling fine:

30 November 2016

Stupid, Lazy And Fat

My anti-weed girlfriend insisted pot would make me stupid, lazy and fat. But then I finally got her to try it. And after a few years, she proved herself right.

And I loved her even more that way.

26 November 2016

Dunsel's Latest: Five Steps To Effective Studying

While you may still be reeling from Dunsel's master work, Someone's At The Door, which was just released in October, he somehow has found time for another project!

This is impressive since the Captain is a one man army, you know. 

This new work is a 35 minute animated film called the "Five Steps To Effective Studying". Did I just say 35 minutes? Yes, it's 35 freaking minutes! Not bad for a one man army!

The film tells the story of a buxom college blonde who studies with a helpful tutor. Except he has some unorthodox studying methods. Methods that involve things like oh, I don't know, alcohol maybe?

And pills.

And exercise!

And lots of stumbling. 

And of course, sex. Lots and lots of sex.

The animation film is available at Dunsel's Yahoo Group, so head there and check out his message to the group as to where to download it.

And, as always, if you like the film, post a thank you at his Group, here at the blog, over at the GGW Forum, or just email him.

Great work Captain!

23 November 2016

"I Love Thanksgiving"

"Oohhh gaw'd (HIC!)," she slurred as her husband bent down to kiss her stuffed beer belly. "I LOOOOOoVVVVVvvvveEEEEEEe S'anks'giving!" she squealed in delight as she relished in the feeling.

She was so full. So satisfied. So....drunk!

All that turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing and wine and beer and corn and sweet potatoes and more beer. But then there was all that pumpkin pie, the ice cream, the cake, the cookies, and the chocolate! All that was in her too. Having a calorie party. Making her feel so happy and full and...stuffed!

Her husband grabbed her blouse and pulled it up over her enlarged belly. "You're getting so fat!" he said with a smile as he grabbed her jiggly, plump ass and pulled her closer to him. He began kissing her and then making eating noises.

She used to be so thin. But then, who cared? She stood there swaying, enjoying how drunk, stuffed, and carefree she felt, a half full vodka bottle in her hand to wash it all down.

God she loved Thanksgiving!