22 October 2014

420 Blow Job

Now here's a cute GGW Girl showing exactly how to perform a 420 blow job correctly. Notice how she combines taking a hit of her joint with taking a hit on her pipe, holding it in her lungs for maximum effect, until she exhales with a big, stoney smile. Just like the gif itself, this should be repeated over and over until super stoned and super satisfied.

18 October 2014

More Great Stuff From Dunsel!

Dunsel has been so prolific this year, it's hard to stay caught up. But you don't hear me, or the IF community complaining. In the last two weeks, the good captain has published the story behind 24 hours and has updated his animated classic, Boozemart.

First, the published story. If you want to read some fantastic IF fiction, head over to Dunsel's group and download the pdf of 24 Hours (The First 12 Hours). It's the story he began painting out in pictures here. Except this time he reveals what was next for our drunken heroine. Spoiler alert: she gets wasted!

It's 40 pages of great writing, drinking, sex, and lots and lots of slurring. If you're a fan of IF fiction (and who's not here?), download it at once!

Second, the re-done Boozemart Chronicles. You may remember the animated feature he put together back in 2011 - you can read about it here. Well, he's re-edited the animation so it contains subtitles. This film has some amazing scenes of alcohol knocking the socks off our beautiful heroine! Well worth downloading and watching if you haven't already!

Adding the subtitles to the film was one of the top requests of his fans and the community that has developed around him and his work. So, head over to his group (you're a member right?) and download the re-edited animation for some a seriously fun, drunken time.

15 October 2014

One More Puff Was All She Needed

One more puff was all she needed to turn her everyday, boring self into the extraordinary, hot warrior princess, Red Sonja.

As she stood outside the cos-plat festival, she held it in as long as she could, enjoying the high rising from her leg. Just a few drags of weed helped her fit the part and play the role.

A large cloud of smoke billowed from her as she smiled. "Red Sonja," she thought to herself as the high engulfed her. "Red Sonja....more like Red STON-ja. Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh......"

11 October 2014

Pot Star: KrissyPerry (Video)

Found this beautiful pot star who does some amazing videos while smoking and high. For example, she does a fantastic makeup tutorial where the bud helps her get creative:

She also does some Q and A videos about cannabis and explains how much she smokes each day:

What a beautiful stoner - fun, beautiful, and making some great videos. She's looking for more subscribers and suggestions on what to video, so head over to her awesome channel, subscribe, and post some suggestions (make 'em clean!).

08 October 2014

Happy Birthday

"Hap'py birf'day," my girlfriend slurred as she stood wobbling in front of me.

Needless to say, I was surprised! Wearing a tight see-through and the heaviest of eyelids, she stood dazed with a big smile in front of me.

"I din't kn'ow wha' ta git you, sooooo I jussss got you my'self," she continued to say.

I could feel my cock harden instantly under my jeans.

"And.....," she said swaying drunkenly, trying to adjust her princess crown that sat upon her baked little head. "...I got my'self in your fav'rite st'ate.....(hic)!"

My jaw hit the floor. I could only stand there frozen at the site.

"Welllll?" she slurred as she gave me the stoniest of devilish looks. "I'mmmmm wa'sted...babe. (hic!) Are'nt you gonna unwr'ap me?"