23 July 2016

Cindy was PISSED!

Cindy was PISSED! Once again, her dumbass friend Christina smoked ALL the weed! Leaving none for her! And she's the one who got it! Arrrrrrrr! Christina was the worst! The WORST!

Not only was she stoned on CINDY's weed again, but all the boys couldn't stop talking about her and her big dumb boobs! Ever since they developed that was all they cared about!

Well, that's it, Cindy decided. No more Christina at her house.


She could go find her own weed from her on out. Christina was the worst! The WORST!

20 July 2016

PotSlave and PotDaddy Part III - VII

And now the conclusion to PotSlave and PotDaddy Part III!
The End.

16 July 2016

GGW Big Titted Stoner Dream Girl - Smokes, Masturbates and Gets High

Every once in awhile you stumble on a golden video.

A video that features tons of pot smoking, smoke clouds, and happy stoniness. One starring a confident, beautiful woman with a voluptuous body that just won't stop. One with a woman who loves smoking it up and having a great, fun time.

This is one of those videos. 

Prepare for a beautiful woman who's all smiles and giggles! One who works her way through most of her weed as she smokes throughout and gets higher and higher. There's plenty of pipe-smoking and bong-smoking.

And it culminates in one helluva stoney dildo masturbation session!

Clocking in at just over 1 and a half hours, the time spent with this beautiful, glasses-wearing blonde, still isn't enough. You could watch such a happy, good-looking woman like this all day.

Enjoy the video as she enjoys her weed!

13 July 2016

09 July 2016


Flowers. And horses. A beautiful brook. She was carrying a bagful of marshmellows. No, they were the clouds. And birds. Red ones. Yellow ones. Orange ones. Which turned into stars.

Everything was right in her fluffy, colorful world. She buzzed and throbbed with pleasure as she floated along the tall grass, her large breasts knocking about and making music with each step.

"It's so nice to see you again Ryann," the world called out.

"I know," she cooed as she found herself laying on a hammock. A hammock made of licorice. "I'm so melty," she said as she watched herself ooze into pillows, a familiar buzz in her clit. Sweet comfortable pillows.

And elsewhere, the pipe lay in front of her, cashed and smoldering. The smoke - the same smoke that was painting such vivid pictures for her - curled and rose up to the ceiling as she lay there naked, a large smile on her face.