26 October 2016

Princess Chelsea's Nightly Activities

Sir William Chatingham had been formerly in trade in Kingstown, where he had made a tolerable fortune. But city life was not agreeable and, once his wife was of child, had removed with his family to a house about a mile from Durkent, where unshackled by business, occupy himself solely in being civil to all the world and the raising of children.
It is from there that Princess Chelsea, daughter of Chatingham and heir of Hutton House and the Greenfield Estate, grew to be a stout young maiden. Ne'er was she to suffer boredom under her father's loving watch. As the years grew, so did Princess Chelsea. Her attributes had swelled to ample size and soon all conversation from suitors revolved around the full-bosomed princess.

Suitor upon suitor tried in vain to scheme her hand. But what do you gift to a princess who ne'er longed for any amusement? She rebuffed them all. Until finally, Prince Joseph Wescock found the path to her stubborn heart.

And thus spirits and flame become her lady's nightly ritual. Always the pampered one, the Princess was susceptible to such intoxicants. She delighted in the gifts Prince Wescock would produce - some from exotic locales from far off places. A sedated mind was a beauteous thing for the Princess. And she showed her love for him in time. Prince Wescock's masculinity soon became a plaything all of its own, to the delight of her wondrous sleeve.

22 October 2016

Caught By The Boyfriend

"Oh fu'g...," she said as her boyfriend came in. Why was he here? He was supposed to be gone this evening!

"Um, what's going on?" he said waving the haze of smoke that hung in the room from his face.

"Sh't," she said. She was caught. No reason to deny it now. Just admit it. Admit it to him. "Well, guess you kn'ow my lid'dle se'cret!"

"Secret?" he said. "Doing drugs is your secret?"

"Na' drug's, sh'illy," she corrected him. "Juss sum be'ers an' sum pot, tha'ss all." Wow. It felt good to just admit it, to be open and honest. He was her boyfriend after all. 

"Uh, okay," he said.

He's a bit confused. Angry maybe. No, puzzled. Yeah, puzzled. And why wouldn't he be? I've been a goody-two-shoes this whole time and kept it all under wraps. Oh well. If he's going to be my boyfriend boyfriend, he'll have to step it up and be open minded. "You're (HIC!), na' li'ke mad or noth'in', are you?" she said as she twirled the lighter in her hand.

"Not, um really," he said. "I mean, should I be? I just didn't know you uh, drank....and, uh. smoked."

"I kn'ow," she smiled. "I kind'a jusss lik'e to do it a'lone." Might as well say it. Just be blunt. Blunt. Ha! That's so hilarious. "So, uh, you c'ool?"

"Sure," he said as he stepped up to her and gave her a kiss on her forehead.


His eyes caught the website. "What are you reading?"

"Oh, th'is?" she slurred. "It's lik'e my fav'rite w'site in the wh'ole w'ide w'orld! It'sch a'bout g'irls lik'e me gettin' was'ted."

He scratched the top of his head. "Hmmmm, seems like I have some reading to do."

Wow! What a guy! He's a keeper alright! 

"Her'e lemme sh'ow you," she said. "Ah, but firss...," she said as she flicked the lighter in front of her face. "Gott'a sch'park up!"

He just smiled. "You're one crazy girl, Teegan!" 

19 October 2016

GGW TV Presents "The Cannabis Coach" (Chapter 1, Part 5)

GGW TV is on the air! The comic continues!

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15 October 2016

Tripping Out

"Um, li'ke why are y'ou lo'okin' at me li'ke th'at?" her voice floated through the air.

And the world warped and fluttered in all its colors as you spun in place.

"Are you tr'ippin' out?" echoed a phrase across what was left of the room. "I th'ink y'ou are!" said a thought within you. Or was it her? You looked closer at your naked girlfriend. She was all sorts of shapes and colors - different than usual. Her ass looked huge, her boobs hung low. She was feeling the colorful mushroom and smiling like a Chershire cat.

"You are soooooooo fe'eling it," she seemed to say. But you couldn't tell. You felt something so hard rise on you. And a feeling of wanting her so bad manifest itself from all around the world. Reaching out across the thick colors, you felt her soft, fleshy ass. "Hel'lo," it shook in joy.

"Le'sss do it," she said with a smile.

"Yeeeaaahhhh," you heard something from deep inside you utter as you melted into her.

"My tri'ppy ba'by..." was all that echoed.

12 October 2016

GGW TV Presents "The Cannabis Coach" (Chapter 1, Part 4)

The show continues!

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