28 March 2015

Pot Star: Stoner Mom

Stoner Mom is a free-thinking, fun, and beautiful stoner who's helping to educate the world (and other moms) about cannabis. She has a great website you should check out here that tells her story - how she went from anti-cannabis to pro-cannabis. She shares a behind-the-scenes look of an average stoner day, reviews strains, and otherwise calls it like it is on the war on drugs. And she'll school ya.

She also posts super fun, well-shot and well-edited "stoner seshs" where she smokes different strains, introduces her stash, and talks through the effects.

Check out her blog and subscribe to her channel. Help her help to spread the word about cannabis!

And probably my most recent fun favorite: getting ready to go to dinner...only to...well, you need to watch all the way to the end.

25 March 2015

Comic: Boyfriend Girlfriend Part 2

The series continues...

Continued next Wednesday!

21 March 2015

A Couple Smoking Pot and Getting It On

Following the theme of the latest comic, Boyfriend Girlfriend, here's a cute stoner couple who know how to mix marijuana with sex. They know marijuana heightens the senses and can send them into pleasure overdrive. Here's to all the stoner couples out there lighting and living it up!

18 March 2015

Comic: Boyfriend Girlfriend Part 1

Here's the start of the latest comic series. This one is all about a couple having sex (and smoking weed)!

Continued next Wednesday!

14 March 2015

Smoking the Green on St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Beyond New Year's, it's one of the top days to get wasted! But this year, instead of just drinking green beer, the GGW girls are into smoking the green as well! After all, at the end of the rainbow, there's a big pot of...pot. Here's to getting super high!