27 September 2014

What Makes You Think I'm Into Pot

"Ohhh yeeeahh? Wh'at makes you th'ink I'm in'to pot?"

24 September 2014

20 September 2014

"You ready for me to get high?"

She knew what turned me on.


Intoxicating smoke.

And just by luck, she loved to blaze. 

Get stoned.

"Are we doing our usual tonight?" she'd ask.

"You know it," I'd say. 

And within a few minutes she'd be loading her bowl with the finest weed.

"Take 'em off," she'd say with a devious smile.

"Yes ma'am," I'd say as my cock lay naked and free in front of her.

"You ready?" she'd say with a big smile. "You ready for me to get high?"

"Oh God. Yes!" I'd say as I held my hard cock in my hand. "Smoke it baby. Get high for me."

"Gladly," she'd smile as she places the bowl into her glass bong and lowers her head onto the chamber. With one spark of the lighter she'd begin to inhale.

The water would bubble. Bubble. Bubble. Until she filled the chamber with the milkiest of clouds. And then she'd pull the bowl and I'd watch as she'd inhale the whole thing, my cock stiffening and standing at attention in joy knowing she was so eager to get stoned.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh," she'd moan as she'd exhale, blowing the intoxicating smoke across the room and at my hard cock.

"Oh baby, that was a good hit," I'd say as I'd start rubbing my cock.

"That's just the start, baby," she'd say with a smile. "You keep stroking. I'm getting extra stoned tonight."

17 September 2014