04 March 2015

Taking Your Daddy Out

One of my earlier memories from childhood was being over at my dad's house and him having some strange woman come over. I remember she was rather large. Of course I was very young and small at the time, so everybody seemed large, but she was the first woman I remember seeing big, huge breasts. Way bigger than my mom's.

I remember she was all giggly and clumsy. And loud. She was all over my dad - hugging him and kissing him. He gave her a drink, but it wasn't any of the drinks I ever would get and she only got louder. 

I was too young at the time to realize what was going on. But I do remember her bending down to say goodbye to me once my dad let in the babysitter. She had very strange breath as she leaned about this close into my face and said, "I'm t'akin' yer dad'dy out an' gon'na hav' a goooood time. Night'y night!"

I never did see her again, but I do remember my dad being in a great mood the whole next day.

28 February 2015

The Magical World of Dizzy

Lately we've been on an IF art and artist kick. So it's only natural that we look into some famous princesses and see how they like to let their hair down and get wasted! Here's to all those characters that like to get animated!

And probably my favorite:

25 February 2015

Great New Artist: Geoff K

There's a great new artist on the IF scene - Geoff K. Geoff shared two labels he created for some cannabis strains and they're fantastic! Two gorgeous women enjoying their favorite potent strains - Island Sweet Skunk and Sour Diesel. Check them out below (and click for full size)!

But beautiful baked babes smoking pot isn't all he does!

No, Geoff is an artist. Check out his deviant art site to see his whole range of artwork and the techniques he uses.

 As many of the comments say at deviant, his artwork is "amazingly detailed", "realistic", and well, pretty "amazing".

And I couldn't agree more!

And for the weight gain IF crowd, there's some pretty voluptuous portraits of women he's done that you may find very appealing! So, check out his site!

Here's to hoping Geoff will share some more with us in the future. I love the girls modeling their favorite strains and looking baked concept!

Cheers Geoff and keep up the great work!

21 February 2015

It's Your Fault

"Wha....?" she slurred as the smoke poured out of her mouth. "Don't giv' me tha look. It's yer fa'ult," she continued, smoke continuing to trickle out as she spoke. "You lef' it out.....an' it was...like...juss sit'tin' th'ere. Of cour'se I was gon'na sch'moke it," she giggled.

18 February 2015

Comic: Marijuana 101 Part 11

And now the last remaining minutes of class...

Class is now over! The end!