28 May 2016

Couchlocked Stoned

Both the girls were blissed out, couchlocked stoned. Naked too.

Beth giggled and smiled to herself while Arianna lay trapped on the soft, cushiony sofa still exhaling smoke from her lungs as she reached for her clit.

It was exactly the way they wanted to be.

25 May 2016

What Kind Of Girl Do You Take Me As?

Here's a girl with a naughty streak who's about to get busted!

21 May 2016

Hard Drive Spin XXXVI: Women Boozing and Having Fun

It's once again time to spin up the hard drive and see what pops out. This time the dial's set for "omen Boozing and Having Fun"! Let's see what the ol' hard drive comes up with, shall we?

18 May 2016

"Here's To Making Them Bigger!"

"Lemme git tha'," Carolyn slurred as she stumbled back over to the keg. "Waaaaaiiit!" she called out for no reason as she downed her red plastic cup, spilling beer alongside her cheeks.

"Dude! You're wasted!" Larry yelled out from the kitchen table laughing his ass off.

"I'mna'! I'm na' wa'shted!" Carolyn yelled back, angry at the connotation.

"Are you getting us beers or what?" asked Steve as he balanced his empty plastic cup on his index finger.

Carolyn maneuvered herself clumsily around the keg like a hippo, her huge breasts spilling out of her red blouse. The guys would have stared and goggled, but as her friends, they had seen her accidentally topless many times. It's just what Carolyn did when she got drunk.

"Gimme gim'me (HIC!) gim'me!" she called out to Steve motioning for the empty cup he had balanced quite carefully on his finger. "C'mon I'ma gonna fill it," she slurred.

Steve stood up, grabbed Larry's empty cup and in one motion grabbed the tap.

Carolyn immediately began pumping the keg. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down.

Until the inevitable happened. As it always does. Her right boob popped out of her blouse and danced over her forearms.

"Dude! Boob alert!" Larry yelled out, laughing at it all.

"Carolyn, you're flashing us there," Steve said as he quickly changed the tap over to his cup.

"Wha'ev'fer," she said as she continued to concentrate on the keg. And sure enough, her left tit managed to pop out as well. "Fu'g," she said as she stopped pumping and started to drunkenly manhandle them both back into her blouse.

Larry continued to laugh at her.

"Sha'dup," she slurred half angry and half finding it all a bit funny. She struggled with the right one as she stumbled backwards drunkenly. "The'se we're a lot sma'llr be'fore I start'ed to dr'ink be'er!" she slurred.

"I think no one will be complaining," Steve said as he handed her another full cup. "Here's to making them bigger."

Carolyn managed to grab the cup, spilling some in the process. "Cheer'sh!" she slurred. "To ma'kin' them (HIC!) big'ger!"

14 May 2016

Arya's Spring Break

The only thing Arya remembered from her Spring Break was the spins and being drunk all the time. Well, that and the boys. But that the boys were a blur. A cute blur. But a blur. Also, the beach. Though that too was a blur. The hotel was nice, when she remembered sleeping there.

But although she couldn't remember much of her wild party week, she had one thing to show for it. Okay, maybe like 15 things. Okay, okay, more like 18 things. 18 pounds that is. All packed in the very curvy places the boys liked so much.

She wondered what her wild summer trip would be like. And how much she'd gain on that drunken adventure.