04 May 2016

New Comic: Briley's Happy 4-20 (Part 3)

And now the continuation of Briley's 4-20:

Tune in next Wednesday for the exciting conclusion!

30 April 2016

"What? Ne'ver seen a girl sch'moke be'fore?"

"What?" she said as she looked at me indignantly, smoke slowly creeping out of her mouth and nose. "You ne'ver seen a girl sch'moke be'fore?"

I stood there puzzled over the scene I was witnessing. Ami seemed like such a good girl. But then, here she was indulging. Smoking. Getting high. Right before my very eyes.

She blew the smoke up into the air and then turned back to face me. "Ser'ously. Like you ne'ver seen a g'irl wanna fe'el good before?"

"Um...," I stammered. "I uh, just didn't know you did drugs."

"Dr'ugs?" she laughed, her reaction cutting me to the bone. "Th'is isn't dr'ugs. This is pot. Ever'yone does it." And then she flashed me a wicked, and what I could only deem as a stoney smile.

"Uh...," was all I could manage.

"You tha' shel'tered?" she laughed. "C'om here an' I'll let you try some," she beckoned me. "Come on, don't be af'raid. You're gon'na like it."

What I did next would blow your mind. But it's a story for another time.

27 April 2016

New Comic: Briley's Happy 4-20! (Part 2)

And the 4-20 comic continues!

Will she or won't she? Tune in next Wednesday to find out!

23 April 2016

Drunk Star: Princess Blonde Chugs, Gets Drunk, and Rubs Belly

Here's a chubby babe named Princess Blonde who loves drinking booze and getting liquored up. There's also a little bit of belly play here too as she guzzles down the warm alcohol. Not entirely sure if there's some play acting here, but still a lot of drunk, stumbly, slurry fun! There's more at her youtube channel and her pay site where you can support her!

20 April 2016

New Comic: Briley's Happy 4-20 (Part 1)

Happy 4-20! What better time than to kick off the next four Wednesdays with this appropriately themed 4-20 comic? Enjoy!

Continued next Wednesday!