20 December 2014

"Tis The Season: Read the IF classic, Christine Carole

It's that time of the year again. Time to grab ye olde IF Christmas story of Christine Carole and give it a yuletide read. We can only imagine how "little" Christine might be like nowadays some 4 years after the story was written. Probably full of good cheer - a lot higher, a lot drunker, and a lot bigger!

You'll find the IF holiday story here in your stocking. Happy Holidaze!

17 December 2014

Comic: Marijuana 101 Part 5

Shh! Class is in session!

Continued in January!

14 December 2014

Video: Cute Chubby Girl Gets Drunk Drinking a 6 Pack

One of the members of the GGW Forum shared this wonderful find of a cute chubby girl challenging herself to drink a 6-pack of beer as fast as she can. By minute 42, after downing the 6th beer and rubbing her full and soft belly, she declares, "An' now I'm off'cially d'runk!" This is a real mash-up of intoxication fetish meets weight gain. Enjoy!

10 December 2014

Comic: Marijuana 101 Part 4

You better be taking notes! Dr. Cee is a tough professor!

Continued next Wednesday!

06 December 2014

Pot Star: Beautiful Buxom Baked Babe

Here's a girl that's total GGW! She's got style, curves, and a whole lot of weed to smoke.

She hearts weed!

And she's not shy!

Chillin' with some tunes!

Smokin' the pipe!

Forgettin' what she was going to say!

"I got some weed!"

"...and it's got me feelin' real goooooood."

She lives in a haze and enjoys every minute of it!

Lava lamp!

So much weed!

And she's gonna smoke the whole bag!