27 May 2015

Potslave & Potdaddy 2 - Part IV

And now for some more of the PotSlave/PotDaddy story.

23 May 2015

Great New Artist: Milkiest

There's an unsung and modest IF artist in our midst who I think deserves a shout out. We already know about the great Dunsel. And Jonnie UK. And Geoff K.

But did anyone realize how good GGW Forum member Milkiest is too?

Milkiest recently posted the image below inspired by the fantastic IF author, Superlush, who's short story Azraela weaves the tale about a woman named Jordan who winds up becoming a bong. (Well, something like that you need to read the story, it's great!).

Milkiest drew the stunning and beautiful Jordan below doing what she does best - smoking bowl after bowl of weed.

It's such a wonderful, almost Disney-like illustration that I was "bowled over". If ever there was a category of modern day Disney Pot Princesses, I'm thinking Milkiest could be the artist that brings that series to life!

Let's give a round of applause to Milkiest for sharing his fantastic art! And, here's to encouraging Milkiest shares some more with us real soon! IF could always use some more artists!

20 May 2015

Potslave & Potdaddy 2 - Part III

The Potslave and Potdaddy series continues.

17 May 2015

Too Stoned to Post

The GGW Girls slipped up yesterday and got too high to post. Let's cut them some slack given how much weed and booze they consume. It's amazing they even got the blog this far!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming on Wednesday!

13 May 2015

Potslave & Potdaddy 2 - Part II

The new PotSlave and PotDaddy series continues...