26 August 2015

Pardon Me As I Remedy This

I like my baby stoned. Not just high. But stoned. I want him floating inside so badly that he's a slave to my every desire.

Yeah, I smoke a lot of pot. And yeah I'm a bad influence on him. But damn if it doesn't get him in the mood. Did I say him in the mood? It also gets me in the mood as well.

I'd talk more, but I have a loved one who's just not as stoned as I think he should be. Pardon me as I remedy this.

22 August 2015

My Kinda Stoner

Stumbled on a fantastically buxom beauty who loves to smoke bongs and get high. Imagine waking up to this gorgeous girl everyday as she gets herself baked!

Just your typical gorgeous girl next door:

Who just so happens to love getting stoned:

And did I mention these babies:

"I'm soooooo st'oned! Yipeeeee!"

19 August 2015

Your Drunk Sister

"Heeeeeyyy," your sister slurs from the foot of the stairs.

You look and see her drunk off her ass, waving the large bottle of vodka like a handbell in an effort to get your attention.

Scratch that, and EMPTY large bottle of vodka.

"What's up?" you say as you return your attention back to your video game, your glass of vodka and coke by your side. The bottle right next to it.

"I'm a....I'ma...wun'derin' if there's li'ke...(HIC!)...more vod'ka?"

A sniper takes a shot and nearly takes you out. "Shit," you say as you mash the controller to duck behind some cover.

"Heeeeeeyyyy," your sister says again. "Didja hear me? (HIC!)"

You change weapons and quickly take aim from behind some barrels. This sniper has got to die. He's been getting you all game. He has it coming big time!

"Helllooooo!" she says again as you hear her slip off the stair and stumble to the ground. "Whoooooaaa!"

"Be careful you lush!" you call out as you take the shot. Missed.

"Don'tcha call me a 'lush, Billy! I'mna a lushhhhhh!" you hear her whine. "Sh'ara an' I jusss wan' sum more vod'ka."

"You're drunk."

"I'ma na drun'g! (HIC!) Yer sooooo mean," she slurs as she stumbles up to you.


Right through the head.

The screen goes red.

"Dammit!" you shout as you throw the controller down to the ground.

"Hheeeeeey! Thasss na nice," your sister slurs. "Don'tcha do tha'."

"That asshole has been killing me all game!" you yell. "I gotta get him."

"Whate'fer," you hear her say.

You quickly run back to the area where you were shot. That fucker better still be there. I'm gonna get right up behind him and crack his skull. You dart through the building and run up the stairs. Sure enough he's there!

He's dead meat!

You run up behind him and right before you club him from behind with the gun, you pause for a moment and take the moment in.

You reach down for your glass...and it's gone.

You look over and your sister is gone.

And so is your bottle!

And then you hear the door close.

And then your controller vibrates.

You look back.

"FUCK!" you yell out. The sniper had turned around and shot you. You waited too long.

Once again, it was your sister's fault.

Your drunk sister. 

15 August 2015

New Magazine: Stacked Stoners!

I was at the dentist office the other day and stumbled on this new magazine called Stacked Stoners. How had I not heard about this?!? They call themselves the "Playboy Magazine of Pot"! Total GGW material! Luckily it was the first issue. I only scanned the cover and one of the pictorials. Let's hope there's many more to come!

13 August 2015

The Highest I've Ever Been

Sarah could barely put two thoughts together. As she stood naked in front of her bathroom mirror, she gave herself a quizzical look.

What was I doing again?

She was beyond high. This was the highest I've ever been. Ever.  Her whole body vibrated in pleasurable waves as she swayed, her stomach periodically bumping into the sink.

That's when she noticed her camera. Was it in my hands this whole time? And then, I should take a picture. What a great idea. So I remember how high I'm like right now! What a fantastic, wonderful, great idea! 


There I did it. Now what?

Sarah felt her stomach growl. It was like an earthquake, rattling her body, the pleasurable waves, and her big boobs. Wow. I need to eat. 

And off she went, shuffling towards the kitchen, already with no recollection of the photo she had just taken.