17 June 2017

Stoner Girls in Motion V

And now for some more stoner girls in motion!

When it hits.....

So stoned.......

14 June 2017

Part 11 of The GGW-TV's The Cannabis Coach (Chapter 2)

And now the final installment of Chapter 2.....

That's it for Chapter 2. But questions remain!

   Who's the "one of our biggest stoners"? Who could it be?
   Will he (you) be able to last?
   And what about the host? Will she participate?

Tune in later this year for the final chapter of GGW-TV!

10 June 2017

No One Would Be Any The Wiser

All this smoke doesn't matter, she thought to herself as she exhaled into the room. It would dissipate and disappear over time. The smell would drift away and no one would be any the wiser.

Her parents weren't coming back until tomorrow. And that was just fine with her. This is my day to relax.

There was something wrong - no naughty - about smoking and boozing it up in her parent's bedroom.  Symbolically it was exerting her dominance. She was saying, yeah, I'm a stoner, but you'll never know mom and dad.

It's so nice to be this stoned, she thought. And it's still early Saturday! She smiled a stoned smile to no one in particular. She set her bong down and slowly reached for her second glass of vodka and cranberry. The marijuana made her whole body dance and vibrate, making it hard to coordinate pouring more alcohol into her system. But she could manage.

Victory, she thought as she swallowed one gulp after another, the ice hitting her lips.

And that was her plan for the weekend alone - to smoke and drink herself silly. She was old enough. Doing what other grown-ups would do. Well, maybe not her parents. But then, as she brought the bong back up to her mouth and flicked the lighter, no one would be any the wiser.

07 June 2017

Part 10 of The GGW-TV's The Cannabis Coach (Chapter 2)

Here's the next part of the continuing series about GGW-TV's The Cannabis Coach.

Continued next Wednesday for the final installment of Chapter 2!

03 June 2017

Back and Forth

"Weeeeee," she squealed with drunken delight as she rolled backward on the bed, topless. The shots of vodka were quickly pouring into her bloodstream, intoxicating her in a most pleasant way.

"I'm sooooooooo buzz'y!" she giggled as she lay there swaying her huge, drunken boobs back and forth.

And it was just the start of the night!