25 June 2016

Today Was One of her "Binge Daze"

"Oooooooooh," Belinda sighed as the alcohol burned on the way down. She had just finished eating her carton of Haagen-Daas ice cream and, as drunk as she was, couldn't resist ending it with a slug of Smirnoff vodka.

Then again, there wasn't much Belinda couldn't resist.

Today was one of her "binge daze" - a day where she had no obligations and could spend it just with herself and her favorite things:

...her sweets
..her wine
...her ice cream
..her beer
...her cookies
..her famous long island iced teas
...her doughnuts
and of course,
..her vodka

No phone calls. No homework. No responsibilities.

Just her, her bed, some netflix, and a whole lot of boozing the whole entire day.

Tomorrow she wouldn't remember, but evidence of the binging "daze" would grow with her expanding and jiggling belly.

22 June 2016

Pot Slave and Pot Daddy 3 - Part III

Let's see what PotSlave and PotDaddy are talking about this week.

More Wednesday!

18 June 2016

Alison Couldn't Believe How Lucky She Was

Alison couldn't believe how lucky she was.

Here she was, only weeks into her freshman year of college, already banging her dealer.

She had found her source and he had some awesome stuff - booze, weed, xanax, molly, coke. You name it, he had it. And he shared it with her.

How could she be so lucky?

She knew what it was: her boobs. Her huge, round, firm boobs.

Boys just loved them.

Ever since she developed the summer before her sophomore year, Alison quickly learned how the entire male population at high school couldn't keep their eyes off her.

As she bounced through the halls, all eyes were on her. Like a celebrity. She loved the feeling of commanding such attention. And as her breasts continued to grow and grow, she only flaunted them more (but only in the most classy and seductive ways of course).

And when it came to scoring the boys who could score her the booze and weed, well, they weren't immune either. They gladly helped Alison's memory of her senior year become a complete and utter blur.

College was no different.

Within a few weeks she found her boy. One a few years older. A junior. But best of all a dealer. One who loved keeping Alison drunk, high, blitzed, and stoned all day.

And for that she would gladly repay him. "Go'he'ad," she slurred as sexy as she could as she'd smash her dealer's cock with her huge boobs, "Cum'on'me." After all, the drugs only made it feel better. Made it so much more intense....and loud........why not pay him back in such a wonderful way and let him do her how ever he felt.

Alison couldn't believe how lucky she was.

So lucky to have such huge boobs.

Boobs that so easily got her such cute boys.

Boys with access to such great drugs.

Drugs that got her sooooooooo..................ooohhhhh!

15 June 2016

Pot Slave and Pot Daddy 3 - Part II

Let's check in on the third PotSlave and see how she's doing.....

11 June 2016

Happy Graduation!

"Happy graduation!" her uncle said as he watched his niece start quickly sucking down her third long island iced tea over brunch. "There's more where those two came from. You deserve it!"


"Th'anksch Uncle Mike (HIC!)," she slurred as she gazed nearly cross-eyed at him. "Th'eeeeese are soooooo gooooood (HIC!). I can't beeee'lieve you got meeeeeee two m'ore!"


"Well, if there's any time to celebrate it's now. You pulled off quite the accomplishment!"


"(HIC!) Yeeeeahhhh, com'plish'ment! (HIC!) Dr'ink'ing two tha' qui'ckly was no eeeeasy ta'sk!"


"Uh, I meant graduating."


"Heeeee! Heeeee! (HIC!) I thou'ght you mean't fin'ish'ing th'ose dr'inks! (HIC!) But yeeeeaaahh, grad'u'(HIC!) at'ing. Yeeeaaaah, ch'eers!"


"Cheers," he said as he sipped his ice water. "Your parents, uh...must be proud."