19 August 2017


Stoned and red-eyed, Karen glanced back at herself in the mirror. Her lids heavy, her gaze tunneled. Ohhh my God....I look soooooo brainlesssss, she thought. So slutty. Dumb.

She got lost in the patterns and then suddenly realized she didn't know what she was doing. Oh yyeaaahhh....I'm smoking my bong. 

She flicked the lighter, bent her head forward, and in one motion, lit the bud and inhaled. This is gonna make me more dumby dumb dumb. Then after awhile, a pressure on her chest, and then - poof! A huge exhale.

Smoke was everywhere.

Her clit tingled.

Even more stoned and red-eyed, Karen glanced back at herself in the mirror. Her lids heavier, her gaze even more tunneled. Ohhh my God....I look like sucha....sucha slut, she thought. I luv marijuana.

16 August 2017

Even More

Your girlfriend lay on the bed, her eyes bloodshot and droopy. She was lit.

But so were you.

You loved to see her so full of pleasure. She was clumsy and slurry and so horny!

And she was jerking you off.

You were fading in and out waves washed over you. And so it took awhile to catch it. But then you saw. She was sticking out her tongue with a smile. She had 4 more pills! Waaay tooo much. Got to stop her.

But then another wave washed over you, more forceful than the last. You groaned. Seconds later you see your girlfriend, smiling and looking more stupid than ever as she slowly and clumsily jerking you off.

You could tell she was so feeling it. Pure pleasure.

There was something you were going to do. But then another wave washed over and you faded out. And back in. And out. And....whaaaaammmmmmm.

 Your girlfriend lay on the bed, her eyes bloodshot, droopy, and covered in cum. She was all smiles and giggles. And she was lit.

12 August 2017

Hard Drive Spin XXXIX: Words

Set the hard drive spin machine dial to random and it came up with a bunch of text-heavy finds!

09 August 2017

Lost in the Smoke

It was the most she ever smoked.

Smoke filled the room. It was everywhere. Lofting about. Floating about.

And there she was in the middle of it, exhaling once again, bong in hand, the pleasure pulsing with such intensity it vibrated her clit. Orgasmic pleasure waves washed over her.

She had no thoughts. Her mind was blank, filled only with the most wonderful euphoria. 

All that was left of her was extreme pleasure.

She was utterly lost in the smoke.

02 August 2017

The Pizza Delivery Guy

"Whasss' tha' mat'ter, hun? (HIC!) Nef'er s'een a na'kid (HIC!) dr'ung wo'man b'fore?" she slurred as the pizza guy stood dumbfounded.

"Uh," was all that came out.

"I d'un'no wh'r I p'ut my (HIC!) p'urse," she said as she drunkenly scooted across the cushions of the couch. Her huge breasts knocked about as she clumsily tried to make her way gracefully off.


The vodka bottle landed solidly on the wooden apartment floor and immediately rolled under the couch, getting wedged with the fat end sticking out. This was only appropriate since she did much the same, stumbling around as she made her way to a standing position, her fat end sticking out.

The pizza guy could only stand there, hot pizza box in hand, taking in the show. She was completely naked.


And drunk.

"Oooppss'sh," she finally said as she realized what she had done. Then, looking back up at the pizza delivery guy, she smiled drunkenly, "I'mmm h'ella (HIC!) hun'gry!" she said as she grabbed her belly and rubbed it."Reaaalll'y hun'(HIC!)gry," she cooed as her right hand made its way to her pussy. "Oooohhhh," she exclaimed at the touch.

The pizza guy couldn't believe the porn movie he basically found himself in. Who cared if she had cash? This was unbelievable! No one back at the store would believe him.