24 August 2016

Comic: Mom Finds Her Kid's Stash (Part 4)

And now the exciting conclusion.....

The End!

20 August 2016

This Year's 3rd Annual Stoner Summer Olympics

This year's 3rd Annual Stoner Summer Olympics has been just as much fun to watch as year's prior. Every four years the world's stoniest men and women get to together to compete in sports, while high.

Did I say high?

I meant stoned.

Very stoned.

Unlike the Olympics where athletes compete in sports for gold, silver, and bronze medals, "Pothletes" in the Stoned Olympics compete in various activities for Acapulco Gold, Super Silver Haze, and Bronze Whaler - three potent strains of marijuana.

Yes, there's events like the biggest bong hit, but my favorites are the sports events which mirror the Olympics. In these events, the poor stoned men and women have no chance at crossing a finish line. Instead, the whistle goes off and a bunch of stoners go in all different directions, confused as to what to do.

It's hilarious.

For instance, here's first time US Pothlete, Hattie Ray, doing who knows what in the 400m swimming competition.

She ended up winning the Acapulco Gold simply by being the last one in the pool! "I l'ike had just h'ad th'is huge ed'ible an hour be'fore th'e m'atch an' I w'as all l'ike....wooooo-hoooo...an' I l'oved juss fl'oatin' th'ere an' the'n it was on'ly af'terwards the'y said I w'on an' li'ke git s'um cl'othes on."

Or how about German Track & Field star, Rachel Davis? She was the odds on favorite for winning the 100 meter dash and yet, she ended up dancing in the lane for a good ten minutes.

"Ja, I bar'ely 'member vat I h'ad to do. I he'ard zhe g'un go off an' then I st'arted run'ning und the ne'xt th'ing I kn'ow I was be'ing han'ded some Silver Haze," she said to reporters the next day. "Heeey, I hav' sum Silver H'aze, wann'a sm'oke sum wit me?"

The best part is unlike the Olympics, anyone can participate and qualify. You don't need to be fit or an athlete. You just need to smoke. A lot. Former Japanese Acapulco Gold swimmer, Misaki Kawamoto, simply loves the camaraderie and feeling of oneness with her other Pothletes. "It's n'ot wh'ether you w'in or l'ose, it's how y'ou sm'oke yer g'ame," she says through her stoned interpreter. "I'm na' wh'at you call fit at all, b'ut h'ere, wh'ere the pot is plen'tiful an' when yer w'ith all yer fe'llow sch'toners, it does'nt mat'ter. The lo've is the're."

And Misaki is right. No other competition brings people from all around the world together for a two week party of peace and non-competition. 

Hope you enjoyed watching the events as much as I have! Now we have to wait 2 years for the 3rd Annual Stoner Winter Olympics!

17 August 2016

Comic: Mom Finds Her Kid's Stash (Part 3)

Mom's weedy adventure continues.....

Tune in Wednesday for the exciting conclusion!

13 August 2016

Sienna's Selfie

Sienna managed to snap a photo despite being as stoned as she was. Lost in the moment, all that mattered was showing her friends how lifted she really was. After about 17 minutes, she managed to post the photo to her feed.

"Th'ere," she said with a smile. Now she could finally relax. And, boy was she luvin' it!

It was only the next day did she realize how close she had gotten to posting "her girls" in the process!

10 August 2016

Comic: Mom Finds Her Kid's Stash (Part 2)

Let's check in on mom and how she's doing...

Uh-oh, she's pretty stoned! How much worse can it get? Tune in next Wednesday for more!