18 January 2017

2016 GGW Awards - Last Call to Vote!

Maria: (HIC!) Heeeeeey'a (HIC!) Al'righty guy'sch. I'm git'tin' qu'ite (HIC!) toas'ted 'ere. But th'ey wan'na me to sh'ay....(HIC!)....ya got'ta v'ote.

Narrator: Yes, it's voting time Maria, and we're getting close to the deadline. So, this is the last call to vote.

Maria: (HIC!) WOOOOOOOO! Lass' c'all! (HIC!) W'ait'a'sec, I h'ate (HIC!) l'ass ca'll.

Narrator: Don't worry Maria, it's last call to vote, not last call to drink. The deadline is this Saturday and the awards go out this Sunday! Here, have another bottle of champagne!

Maria: (HIC!)I l'uv'a ch'am'pagne! D'ont m'ind if I (HIC!) do!

Narrator: Well then, do! And for the rest of you, be sure to vote for each of your favorites:

Stoner Flash Fiction - Vote here now! 
Favorite Comic - Vote here now!
Favorite Drugs/Mixed Flash Fiction - Vote here now!
Drunk Flash Fiction - Vote here now!
Favorite Video - Vote here now!
Favorite Dunsel Work - Vote here now! 

Want all the links to the works you'll be voting on? Click here! 

15 January 2017

The 2016 GGW Intoxication Fetish Awards - Links to Ballots!

Maria: (HIC!) Hiiiiiya! (HIC!) Yep, I'ma sch'till drink'in my l'il ass off (HIC!) So, w'hile I dr'ink a'way (HIC!), you'all got'ta git vo'tin'.

Narrator: That's right Maria. And to help the IF community, here's a list of quick links that go directly to the voting ballots. The deadline will be this Saturday! So let's get out the vote!

Favorite Video - Vote here now!
Favorite Dunsel Work - Vote here now!
Favorite Comic - Vote here now!
Favorite Drugs/Mixed Flash Fiction - Vote here now!
Stoner Flash Fiction - Vote here now!
Drunk Flash Fiction - Vote here now!

Maria: (pours another drink) (HIC!) Th'anksch nar'rator g'uy! (HIC!) Mmmmmm.........tas'ty!!!

07 January 2017

The 2016 GGW Intoxication Fetish Awards - Voting!

(Music starts)

Narrator: Hello IFers! And welcome to the 2016 GGW Intoxication Fetish Awards! Please welcome your hostest with the mostest, Maria!

Maria: Thanks! I'm so happy to be this year's host! I love GGW and there's been so much great intoxication fetish stories, comics, and artwork this year!

Narrator: That's right. And let's not forget all the progress on the legalization front.

Maria: Oh yes! That's wonderful! It's been quite a year for us GGW Girls.

(Music changes)

Maria: But enough about that. Let's get to the important stuff. The reason why you're all here: to vote for your favorites! 

(Audience applauds)

Narrator: Wait, Maria, aren't you forgetting something?

Maria: Forgetting something?

Narrator: Ahem.

Maria: Oh! That's right! I have to drink!

Narrator: What's a GGW Intoxication Fetish Award Show without a drunken host?

Maria: Oh I'll do you one better! (Shows camera a pill). I've got some Vicodin!

(Audience applauds)

Narrator: Yes, but this show is about drinking -

Maria: (swallows pill) Oh, I'll be drinking all right! I just love how the Vicodin gets me even drunker quicker!

(Audience laughs)

Maria: Now, where's that booze?

Narrator: That's the spirit! This is an award show, so we've only got champagne on hand. For the winners!

Maria: Well, I don't mind if I do! (Takes a bottle of champagne and begins pouring a glass). Champagne gets me drunk so fast. Something about all the bubbles!

Narrator: And the Vicodin.

Maria: Oh yeah, the Vicodin will mix lovely with this champagne!

(Audience applauds)

Maria: (Pours a big glassful) Bottoms up! (Guzzles the full glass in one gulp).

(Audience applauds, hoots, and hollers)

Maria: Ahhhhhh! That is some fine champagne! Reminds me of (HIC!) New Year's Eve!

Narrator: Did you get plowed on New Year's?

Maria: (Pours another big glass of champagne). Did I! This year I uh, let's just say I "overindulged" and made friends with a few guys at the party.

(Audience cheers)

Narrator: Nice!

Maria: (Guzzles the glass in one gulp again) Ahhh! Tasty!

(Audience continues to cheer)

(Music swells)

Narrator: Okay Maria, it's time to start introducing the categories for 2016.

Maria: (Pours another glass) Oh yeah. Tha'ss right. I'm na' just he're to git drunk! (HIC!)

(Audience laughs)

Maria: (Guzzles another glass) Okay. (HIC!) Le'ssss be'gin. Heeeey! How cool is th'is? The firsss cate'gory is about drink'in'! Jusss like I'm doin'! Now it's time for you to vote for yer fav'rite Drunk Flash Fiction Story. So, re'fresh your mem'ry on wha'sss the story is, and then place your vote!


Vote here now!

(Audience cheers)

Maria: (Pours another glass) Wha'ts a GGW girl if all she d'id was dr'ink all the t'ime? The next cat'gory is about getting stoned! Yay! (HIC!) Now go vote for yer fav'rite Stoner Flash Fiction Story. Click on the l'inks below to re'fresh yer pot-addled mem'ry, pick yer fav'rite, and then place your vote!


Vote here now!

 (Maria finishes chugging. Audience cheers)

Maria: Whoa.

Narrator: What's wrong Maria?

Maria: (smiles) Na'da. It's jusss....jusss...the Vi'co'din is kick'in' in nice'ly now. Wow. I like it!

Narrator: That's great Maria. But look at the time. Keep introducing the categories.

Maria: Oh yeah...wow....o'kay...where was I? Oh yeah! The next cat'gory is a new one. It's all a'bout dr'ugs an' mix'in' drugs! Wooo-hoooo! Juss lik'e I'm doin'! So, now's the t'ime t'a re'fresh your mem'ory of the st'ories tha' mix dr'ugs an' then vote for yer fav'rite one. 


Vote here now!

(Audience cheers)

Maria: (HIC!) And, n'ow on'e of my fav'rites, (HIC!) com'ics! Click on the l'inks below to re'min'd yer'sh'elf which is yer (HIC!) fav'orite. Then vote!


Vote here now!

(Audience cheers)

Maria: (HIC!) I'm fe'elin' reeeaallly gooooood.

Narrator: I bet you are. Have another drink and keep reading!

Maria: (HIC!) I s'ink I will! (Pours another drink) Now...wh'ere w'ould we all be (HIC!) with'out Cap'n Dun'sel?!? Huh? (HIC!) He's be'en v'eeerrry pro'duct'ive thi's year an' we sh'ould all give h'im a big than'ks an' al'so vote for our fav'rite! Wooo! Ch'eers to Dun'seeeeeeeee! (Guzzles her glass)

(Audience goes wild!)


Vote here now!

(Audience cheers)

Maria: (HIC!) Lass but na leassss, the in'tox'cated vi'deos! Ya kn'ow the dr'ill. Fav'orite. Vote. (HIC!)

Vote here now!

(music swells)

Maria: HIC!

Narrator: Okay, that's it for the big run down. Vote for your favorites in each category. We'll give it a full week - that's just 7 days - for the votes to come in. Then we'll lock it down and reveal YOUR picks in the following week. So don't just stand there! Vote!

(Audience cheers)

(Music crescendos)

Maria: (HIC!) Mmmm....yeaaaaahh...v'ote an' sh'eeeee ya in a we'ek! (HIC!)

04 January 2017

The 2016 GGW Intoxication Awards!

(Music plays) 

Narrator: It's been a long year here at GGW, with lots of intoxication fetish stories, comics, artwork, and more. And now, as we do each and every year, we come together to vote for your favorites!  That's right, get ready for The 2016 GGW Intoxication Fetish Awards!

And to help us this year, we've invited GGW Model, Maria to host this year's GGW Awards. She's a new GGW Girl since she just turned 21 last week! But she's ready to drink and get the party rolling!

So, brush up on your GGW Blog and do some reading! Start thinking about which story, comic, and Dunsel project is worthy of the GGW Award this year! Then be sure to tune in this Saturday to find out the categories, who's nominated, and most importantly - to START VOTING!

(Music plays)

(Audience goes wild!)

(Commercial starts...)

More Saturday!

31 December 2016

Happy 2017!

Happy New Year from the girls of GGW! Here's to a wasted 2017!