20 July 2014

More Dunsel! The Senior Project

Dunsel is spoiling us. He's got a brand new comic story called The Senior Project that's yet another IF classic. It's got everything you expect from the Captain: drunkenness, buxomness, and lots of sexness, if that's a word.

The comic follows a senior working with her professor to prove the gender bias inherent in alcohol studies. The professor is more than happy to help as he introduces her to 200 proof alcohol and a 15 minute timer that will keep her drinking on schedule.

Needless to say, there's a lot of booze consumed and our heroine gets thoroughly and completely trashed although she denies it for a long time.

You can download the comic at Dunsel's Toons. Don't forget to leave a comment over there (or here) on yet another fantastic comic!

16 July 2014

Pot Slave and Pot Daddy 6

And one more from the Pot Slave and Pot Daddy series!

12 July 2014

Stoner Girls in Motion IV

Time to check out some beautiful girls creating some beautiful clouds.

09 July 2014

Pot Slave and Pot Daddy 5

Another quick exchange between a bimbo Pot Slave and her encouraging Pot Daddy...

05 July 2014

Drunk Prom

While all the other students were having a blast and enjoying prom, my buxom date was in la-la land enjoying the wonderfully sedating effects of alcohol and the pills.

"Hic!" she said as she looked dazed on the dance floor. She had discovered the pleasurable effects of alcohol and drugs only a few months back. now everything had to revolve around them. See a movie? Drink some vodka. Go out to eat? Pop some pills. Study? Do both.

Prom was no exception.

Well, I guess it was an exception in one case. "I'm going to really get fucked up," she had warned me an hour or so before we headed out as she downed five or six pills in one go. "It's prom after all!"

"Yeah, it'll be a night to remember," I added. Except my drunken beauty wasn't going to remember one thing from tonight.

And that's just how she wanted it.

"Hic!" she said as a bit of drool cascaded down her mouth. She was just in the state she loved to be.