01 August 2015

Pot Star: My Girlfriend Smokes? (POV Video)

Thanks to member, js291221 over at the GGWForums for this great discovery!

Mercy West is a pot star - she's a model who loves to smoke! And in this point-of-view video, you're her boyfriend who inadvertently stumbles in and finds her halfway into smoking a bong.

Shocked to find you home so early, she apologies, starts babbling, and tries in vain to explain why you found her smoking.

And then, in the middle of her explanation, it all changes.

The video interrupts and says, "Wait what? This is better..." and then restarts at the beginning!

But this time, in all her excuses, it dawns on her that you like her smoking. That you like her getting high. And the rest of the video explores that.

Enough reading - head here and enjoy the video!

29 July 2015

Wendy Likes To Get Plowed

Turns out huge-boober Wendy loves to get herself plowed! Here's one of her typical nights at the bars where she kicks the booze back and gets super drunk and wasted! There's nothing quite like hard liquor and champagne!

Special thanks to the crew over at GGW Forum for the discovery!

25 July 2015

420 Joint Smoking Instructional Play (Video)

Stumbled on this POV video of a beautiful girl instructing and encouraging you on how to smoke a joint. Actually she demands you smoke and tells you how long to hold it in. Sort of a live video version of the encouraged intoxication category seen in The Good Girlfriend, the PotSlave/PotDaddy series, and A Visit to the Doctor's.

22 July 2015

New Pot Star: BongJGirl!

There's a new 420 pot star in town and she goes by the name of BongJGirl.

She loves to smoke and has a body that is incredible! You gotta see her to believe her. 

Don't just sit here reading, check her out on Tumblr now. She posts fantastic smoking videos. And, yes, as you would guess, they usually feature her bong!

And then do yourself a favor and follow her. She's recently doubled her followers and wants more. So let's help her out!

Cheers to this fine 420 pot star!

Just a bit baked here!

18 July 2015

"my boob'sch sw'ell up (HIC!)"

"Yeeeaaah, I got'ta sh'ecr'et. (HIC!) Evr'ytime I git all fu'gged up, my boob'sch sw'ell up. It jusss hap'pens. (HIC!) Don't kn'ow why. (HIC!) Lik'e they fill up on b'ooze or sum'thin'. Look, I'll sch'ow you. Giv' me 'nother swig of tha' vod'ka cola mix. (HIC!) Juss wat'ch wha hap'pens!"