28 January 2015

Comic: Marijuana 101 Part 8

Shhh! The Professor is speaking.

Continued next Wednesday!

24 January 2015

Photos of Hot Stoner Chicks Posing with Pot, Weed, and Ganja

To be a true stoner girl, one must have a stash. And everyone of these beautiful girls is packing! Here's a bunch of photos of some hot stoner women posing with their pot, weed, mary jane, marijuana, hash, and ganja. Some of these women have so much marijuana it's insane!

21 January 2015

Comic: Marijuana 101 Part 7

Class is back in session and things are looking stoney!

Continued next Wednesday!

17 January 2015

2014 GGW Awards (Part III - The Results Are In!)

After a voting hiccup (we love hiccups!) causing a week delay, we finally have our results! Thanks to your voting, we have the winning 2014 IF stories, comics, flash fiction, and more.

(Big music fanfare start.)

Let's welcome back the beautifully wasted Betsy as your host for the 2014 Awards! (And don't forget to check out the hosts from 200920102011, 2012, and 2013 - she's got a lot to live up to!)

Betsy: Hiiiiiiiii evr'y one. Stan and the GGW G'irls ins'isted I jusss keep smokin' an' dr'inkin' thr past two w'eeks. So, I'm nice and hiiiiigh. Jussss fin'ish'ing up a few sch'mokes an' then I'ma be re'ady........

(Music changes.)

Best GGW Comic 2014

Betsy: (blowing out smoke) Heeeeey. The v'otes are in an' this year's biiiiiig win'ner for 2014 com'ic is Let'ter to Da'ddy with 37% of the votes! Juss nudg'ing out the Gu'ide to the Into'xcation Fet'ish one an' D'olly Disc'overs Drugs!!! Yaaaaayyy drugs!! I luv tha' one! (HIC!)

Betsy: (cough, cough). I me'an who has'nt be'en in the sh'ame pos'ition as our heroine? A girl nee'ds her sch'mokes. C'mon Da'ddddy git w'the pro'gram!

(Music plays)

Best GGW Flash Fiction 2013

Betsy: (HIC!) An' the winner for bessss GGW fl'ash (HIC!) f'iction is "t'its my birf'day!"

Who duzn't like a big g'irl git'ting her dr'ink on in sum for'eign coun'try? (HIC!)

Best Story 2014

Betsy: (HIC!) Thisss was a cl'ose one! The winner for bessss sch'tory is the gre'at Dun'sel's Boozemart Chronicles!

Betsy: (HIC!) Dun'sel jusss nar'rowly beat out Hacheemachee's Ginny Wea'sley and the Pot'ion of Fantasy!

Best Dunsel Work 2014

Betsy: Spea'king of Dun'sel, the votes are in f'or his bessss w'ork of 2014. An' that's (drum roll) his cho'ose yer own ad'venture game, The Office Party with 33% of th'e votes!

Betsy: Al'though this work won, The Day of Drunknness and The Senior Projectwere ab'solute'ly close se'cond and th'irds with 32% and 30% of th'e v'ote. So, re'ally, re'ally close th'is year!

Best Video 2014

Betsy: (HIC!) An' now the gra'n fin'ale. The win'ner for bess vi'deo is:
Cute Chubby Girl Gets Drunk Drinking a 6 Pack with an over'wh'elming 61% of the v'ote!

Besty: This is the firss year tha' the usual g'irl din't win - end'ing her two year win'ing stre'ak! Heee! (HIC!) I've cer'tanly f'elt tha' full fr'om chugging 6 be'ers!

Year End Wrap-Up

Betsy: Well, tha'ss it for 2014. (HIC!) An' I'm tott'ly sch'toned so now wo'od be a go'od time to sch'top the sh'ow.

My wor'ld is vi'brat'in'.....in s'uch a go'od way.

Can't w'ait to sh'ee wha 2015 br'ings in I.F.! Mak'e us g'irls hap'py an' sh'tart cre'atin'! (HIC!) 

Sooooo wha' are you wa'itin' for? 

If yer rea'ding this, you can he'lp take I.F. for'ward. Who knows? May'be 2015 yer work will be up h'ere! 

Git goin'! (HIC!)

Sh'o on be'half of all of GGW, th'anks for votin' an' st'ay go'od an' wa'sted ever'body! (HIC!) I kn'ow pl'an toooooo!

(Big music swell and end.)


14 January 2015

Comic: Marijuana 101 Part 6

Class is back in session.

Continued next Wednesday!