22 April 2015

Short Comic: Candy & Kimmy's 4:20 Adventure

Hope everyone had a great 4-20 - marijuana's ultimate holiday! Maybe you toked a few or maybe you did what Candy and Kimmy here did - got completely wasted! Here's how these two GGW Girls spent their day!

18 April 2015

Happy 4-20 2015!

If there's ever a day to keep smoking 'til you can't stand up, it's this 4-20! Enjoy getting high all you stoner GGW Girls!

15 April 2015

Comic: Boyfriend Girlfriend Part 5

And now the conclusion...

The end!

11 April 2015

GGW Dream Stoner Girl

There she is! Took awhile - nearly 5 years - but I finally found my GGW dream stoner girl. Enjoy!

Such nice big hits!

08 April 2015

Comic: Boyfriend Girlfriend Part 4

The comic continues...

Tune in next Wednesday for the exciting conclusion!