28 September 2016

GGW TV Presents "The Cannabis Coach" (Chapter 1, Part 2)

The Cannabis Coach show continues!

Continued next Wednesday!

24 September 2016

Studying at the Library

Judy was a wild child.

And it didn't help that her friends always egged her on.

So when she mentioned how getting stoned at the library was one of her bucket list challenges, her devious friends were only too excited to encourage her.

"Only you'd be that crazy."

"I'd love to see that!"

"If anyone could pull it off, it would be you Judy!"

And so, one Thursday afternoon after school, Judy and her friend Sara did just that. With her bong and weed tucked safely in her backpack, she entered the library with no intention of studying.

"Let's go back into the non-fiction racks," she told Sara. "No one ever goes back there. I can get really baked and you take the photos."

So Judy and Sara made their way around the library and past the mean librarians, trying to not look suspicious. Once they made it to one of the aisles, Judy plunked down, pulled out her bong, loaded the bowl, and immediately went at it.

It was so exciting and Sara captured it all - the hushness, the smoke, and the nervous giggles about how secretive and naughty this all was.

And then, within 10 minutes, Judy pulled it off. She was stoned. The nervous giggles transformed into normal giggles.

"Shhhh!" they heard from the a few aisles over.

They quickly packed everything away and Sara helped her stoned friend walk carefully and nonchalantly out the library.

"Now t'git sum'thin'g to eat," Judy slurred. And the two girls headed to their favorite diner.

21 September 2016

GGW TV Presents "The Cannabis Coach" (Chapter 1, Part 1)

And now the start of the new show, "The Cannabis Coach" which airs on the GGW TV Network!

Continued next Wednesday!

17 September 2016

Pot Star: Tiggle Bitties

Turns out buxom star Tiggle Bitties enjoys the ganja! She's definitely a GGW Girl - beautiful, buxom, and baked! Enjoy some great photos of Tiggle and her bong!

14 September 2016

New Comic: GGW TV Presents "The Cannabis Coach"

A new comic begins next Wednesday. It's called The Cannabis Coach. The idea here is what if there was a GGW TV station, what shows would it air? The mind reels. Weed game shows. Weed sitcoms. Cheech and Chong marathons. Cannabis news. And more.

But surely one of the shows would be an hour-long show that coaches you through smoking up and getting high. Amirite?

And, if there was such a coaching show (and network like GGW), naturally it would have a beautiful GGW stoner babe to help guide and talk you through it.

So tune in next week for part one of this new TV show. You may even want to play along at home!