18 October 2017

I'm Gonna Pig Out

She took a drag and held it in.

It was a sight to behold. Immediately her eyes closed, her lungs filled, and her huge, overdeveloped breasts expanded out slightly.

Then, after a few seconds, she exhaled, the smoke billowing out from her mouth and into the open air.

"Feeling high yet?" he said.

She turned to him, with red, half-lidded eyes. Then slowly a smile crept across her face, her braces catching the sun.

She let out a little giggle. Then a "yeeeaaaahhhhhh."

"So is it buffet time yet?"

"Fu'g yeeeahhhhh," she said with an even bigger smile as she placed her hand on her back. "Lessss git sum f'ood," she slurred in somewhat slow motion.

"Finish it up first."

"Ohhhh," she said looking back at the joint in her hand. "Go'od id'eaaa." She took another monster hit, her huge tits, bra-less and free, jiggling as she stumbled a bit, off balance.

She exhaled again, this time with a burst of coughs.

"Good one. Put it out and let's get some grub."

She flicked the spent joint on the resort patio. "Yeeeahhh, less eat. I'ma gonna pig out. I'ma on va'cation!"

14 October 2017

Miss Colorado - RecMari Maiden

Here's the state that really kicked the legalization movement into high gear - Colorado! So it's with great honor to tribute the RecMari Maiden, Miss Colorado!

11 October 2017

She Was Hella Stoned

She stared hard into the mirror, wave after wave of pleasure rolling over her. Building.

My eyes....

She stood there trying to think of the  next words, but was distracted by the growing waves of pleasure coursing throughout her entire body.

My eyes....

She heard herself think again as she tried in vain to regain control from the pleasure.

...they're soooooo.....

So. So, what? What was she thinking, but it didn't matter as another wave of pleasure poured over her. Her mind tingled and celebrated, releasing even more pleasure throughout her body.


Her voice inside drowned in the wave rolling over her. She closed her eyes as her mouth fell open. She was completely under the spell of the THC.


And then the wave ebbed, but only slightly. Enough for her to re-realize she was staring at herself in the mirror. She tunneled on her eyes. They were so...


Whoa, she thought. She was stoned. Hella stoned. And as soon as she thought that, she felt yet another pleasure wave building inside her. This one even bigger than the last. Just stop thinking, she thought, as it began to crescendo and roll over her. Enjoy it. Enjoy the waves.


07 October 2017

Miss Alaska - RecMari Maiden

The state of Alaska is high in the north. Very high! Here's a tribute to the RecMari Maiden from Alaska!

04 October 2017

New Dunsel: Country Girl


How can this be?

No way!

So soon after the magnum opus Mesmerized, Dunsel surprises everyone with a new comic! This one is a collaboration of sorts with the excellent IF fiction writer, LuvHerTipsy.

As Dunsel puts it, LuvHerTipsy created a tale about someone who meets an innocent, but voluptuous, country girl, who is new to the big, bad city. Of course, this means he introduces her to the joys of intoxication. And the rest is spot-on drunken goodness.

There's slurring, wobbling, bouncing, and spoiler alert: sex. 

So head over to Dunsel's Toons and download the latest and greatest from two IF masters! What a gift! Bravo Dunsel and LuvHerTipsy!