23 April 2014

Comic: Guide To The Intoxication Fetish 6

Let's see where Amanda takes us this week in her explanation of what the intoxication fetish is all about...

To be continued next Wednesday...

19 April 2014

Happy 4-20! Here's a Comic Called "Alexa's 4-20"

Happy 4-20! The happiest day of the year for all the GGW girls out there! Smoke it up and see how one GGW girl, Alexa, spends her Pot Holidaze!

16 April 2014

Comic: Guide To The Intoxication Fetish 5

All wasted on booze and pills, let's see where Amanda is now in her explanation of the intoxication fetish...

To be continued next Wednesday...

12 April 2014

"Do ya wan'na join us?"

"Ooop'sch," she said as you accidentally opened the door on them surprised to find the room reeking of marijuana.

"Oooh, well, gu'ess you kn'ow now," Dora slurred as she stood there with burning joint in hand.

Her cousin with the big boobs could only giggle.

"Sorry," you say. "I was looking for a can opener. I was going to make lunch. I didn't mean to -," you stammer.

Dora takes a huge tug on her joint and hands it over to her equally stoned cousin who immediately does the same. Talking while holding in the smoke, Dora looks at you with half-mast eyes and asks, "Do ya wan'na join us? Me and my cuz'in are git'tin' hiiiiigh."

You had know idea they were like this. It's a complete surprise. But there's no way you're going to say no to two beautiful girls. "Sure," you say.

"Gre'at," Dora says as she exhales the lungful of smoke in your direction. "Cum sit on the b'ed an' we'll git you a j'oint. We hav' a lot'ta joints."

Her cousin just giggles, "Yeeeaaaah, a lotta j'oints," as she exhales all over you with a stoney smile.

This is going to be fun. Screw lunch. Lunch could wait.

09 April 2014

Comic: Guide To The Intoxication Fetish 4

The comic about the intoxication fetish continues. Let's see how that pill is working on Amanda now!

To be continued next Wednesday...