10 January 2018

Just Gonna Take A Break

"I'ma jusss gon'na t'ake a lid'dle br'eak," she said as she finished the bowl. "Juss a lid'dle break. Juss for a few w'eekssss, 'kay?"

She rolled over, her body pleasantly flying and tingling inside in the most beautiful way. "Sssooo, you g'uysss n'eed ta car'rying on in th'e mean'time," she slurred happily.

30 December 2017

Happy New Years 2018!

It's 2018! A reason to celebrate! And celebrate the GGW girls do!

23 December 2017

Happy Holidaze 2017!

Happy Holidaze from all the girls at GGW! Hope your Christmas is filled with plenty of spiked eggnog!

20 December 2017

16 December 2017

Perfect Pair

She was a feedee and he was a feeder. Together, they were a perfect married pair.

She loved the feeling of completely giving in to it all. Sugar rush. Food coma. Being blotto.

Yes, blotto. That was her favorite feeling. Having him constantly keep her blitzed each weekend. And he had no problem feeding her the booze she so loved. Beer of course. Through a straw, because that makes for a drunkier feeling. Everyone knows that. So, so many calories. So tasty. And feeling this drunk always made her hungrier.